The Accelerator Program is a proven, results-driven development program for business owners and leaders with ambitious goals.

The Accelerator Program may be for you if you are:

a business leader who needs to experience exceptional success in role

an owner of a + £1M pa business who wants to drive significant growth

a self-employed professional looking to turn over +£300K p/a

— Nicola Cairncross, Author, Speaker and Internet Marketing Expert

accelerator ensures you:

  • Maximise turnover and profitability

  • Become the most effective business leader possible

  • Develop radical business growth strategies and identify new products and opportunities

  • Become the expert communicator your market, clients and team need

  • Develop and stay connected to an inspiring business vision and roadmap

  • Step out of the minutiae of BAU and build your business by design

  • Shift from good to great

The accelerator program has helped:

The founder of a US agency utterly transform his leadership team and culture while driving 35% growth

A boutique lifestyle and health advisory company double their turnover within eight months

An ex-UBS MD build his portfolio career from £45k p.a. to £550k p.a.

A burned-out consultant maintain his monthly income level, while reducing his working hours by 75%

Multiple businesses launch new products and successfully enter new markets

A new client recoup the cost of the 12-month Accelerator program within 10 days

how it works:



Diagnostics to identifyyour core businesschallenges, needsand aspirations.


Two-day "Whitespace" Offsite.

Step three

Ongoing support as you implement, revise and refine your strategic plan.

step four

Monthly coaching and strategic review sessions to provide accountability. 

Specific content of the offsite depends on your business's unique challenges and aspirations but will typically include work on vision, purpose, brand, market position, strategy and roadmap.


My promise:

I pride myself on routinely delivering real ROI, therefore I will only work with individuals and businesses when I am convinced success is achievable.

your investment:

From £1,750 per month, depending on the size of your organisation and the number of people involved in the program.

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